Olympic Games 1964-2016 by T. Plavecz

Olympic Games and Japan

Under the leadership of Baron Pierre Coubertin, the first modern Olympics were held in Athens in 1896.  They were very much a European and American affair, but Coubertin wanted the world.

By 1909, Kano had already become an international figure: he had done almost as much to bring western sport to Japan

as he had in taking judo to the west. He was an obvious choice to become the first Asian representative on the International Olympic Commitee (IOC). Kano, ever the internationalist, accepted and become an enthusiastic member, bringing Japan into the competition for the first time at Stockholm in 1912 and, more significantly, bidding to host the 1964 Olympics.


Mark Law  The Pyjama Game  P. 53



“Yes, I did say that very often after qualifying. To me, the most difficult part was to qualify within 3 tournaments. I managed that. So, nothing can be more difficult than to qualify in such a short period of time. Three out of four tournaments I carried an injury on my ankle. To all, it seemed impossible to qualify with an injury but I made it, on literally one leg. After all this, I thought to myself, by the time the Olympic comes I will have two healthy legs, which means my least problem will be winning it.


Fabio Basile    OLYMPIC CHAMPION Rio De Janeiro 2016 - 66 kg

File:Akio Kaminaga, Anton Geesink, Ted Boronovskis, Klaus Glahn 1964.jpg

Judo, 1964 Olympics, left-right: Akio Kaminaga, Anton Geesink, Ted Boronovskis, Klaus Glahn

All about Olympic Judo 1964 - 2012

ALL about Olympic Judo


History - Pioneers - Techniques - Result - Champions of Olympic Judo

    It will be published for TOKYO, 2020

    by Thomas Martin Plavecz








The Greatest Judo Athletes at the Olympic Games



 Only1 judoka has won 3 GOLD medals



The best all-time performing Judo athlete at the Olympic Games is Japanese Judoka Tadahiro Nomura (野村 忠宏)Nomura Tadahiro (1974-), who won three gold olympic medals between 1996-2000-2004.


He is the only judoka in the world who has won three Olympic gold medals in a row, all in the extra lightweight (-60 kg) division.








12 judoka have each won 2 GOLD medals




have been won by



Double Olympic Champion




 F (female)


                                               Medals             kg




Ayumi Tanimoto (JPN) F       2004,2008       -63


David Douillet (FRA)             1996,2000       +95,+100


Hitoshi Saito (JPN)               1984,1988       +95


Masae Ueno (JPN) F             2004,2008       -70


Masato Uchishiba (JPN)        2004,2008       -66


Peter Seisenbacher (AUT)    1984,1988        -86


Waldemar Legien (POL)       1988,1992        -78, -86


Wim Ruska (NED)                1972,                +93/Open


Xian Dongmei (CHN) F         2004,2008         -52


Ryoko Tamura (JPN)            2000,2004        -48


 (later  Ryoko Tani) F


Kayla Harrison (USA) F        2012,2016         -78


Teddy Riner (FRA)               2012,2016         +100




Ryoko Tamura  has won a record five medals (2 gold,2 silver,1 bronze)  at one weight (extra-lightweight – under 48 kg) between 1992 and 2008.




Driulys Gonzales (CUB) and Angelo Parisi (GB and FRA) have won four medals.






Medal table

Judoka from 55 nations have won medals, representing all 5 continents.[6]

Updated until 2016 Summer Olympics

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Japan (JPN) 39 19 26 84
2  France (FRA) 14 10 25 49
3  South Korea (KOR) 11 16 16 43
4  China (CHN) 8 3 11 22
5  Cuba (CUB) 6 14 16 36
6  Soviet Union (URS) 5 5 13 23
7  Russia (RUS) 5 4 7 16
8  Italy (ITA) 4 4 7 15
9  Brazil (BRA) 4 3 15 22
10  Netherlands (NED) 4 2 17 23
11  Poland (POL) 3 3 2 8
12  Germany (GER) 3 2 13 18
13  Georgia (GEO) 3 2 3 8
14  Spain (ESP) 3 1 2 6
15  United States (USA) 2 4 8 14
16  North Korea (PRK) 2 2 4 8
17  Austria (AUT) 2 2 1 5
18  Belgium (BEL) 2 1 9 12
19  Slovenia (SLO) 2 0 3 5
20  Unified Team (EUN) 2 0 2 4
21  West Germany (FRG) 1 4 3 8
22  Hungary (HUN) 1 3 5 9
23  Mongolia (MGL) 1 3 4 8
24  East Germany (GDR) 1 2 6 9
25  Romania (ROU) 1 2 3 6
26  Azerbaijan (AZE) 1 2 1 4
27  Switzerland (SUI) 1 1 2 4
28  Argentina (ARG) 1 0 1 2
 Belarus (BLR) 1 0 1 2
 Greece (GRE) 1 0 1 2
 Turkey (TUR) 1 0 1 2
32  Czech Republic (CZE) 1 0 0 1
 Kosovo (KOS) 1 0 0 1
34  Great Britain (GBR) 0 8 11 19
35  Uzbekistan (UZB) 0 2 4 6
36  Canada (CAN) 0 2 3 5
37  Kazakhstan (KAZ) 0 2 1 3
38  Israel (ISR) 0 1 4 5
39  Bulgaria (BUL) 0 1 2 3
 Ukraine (UKR) 0 1 2 3
41  Algeria (ALG) 0 1 1 2
 Colombia (COL) 0 1 1 2
 Egypt (EGY) 0 1 1 2
 United Team of Germany (EUA) 0 1 1 2
45  Slovakia (SVK) 0 1 0 1
46  Estonia (EST) 0 0 3 3
47  Australia (AUS) 0 0 2 2
 Portugal (POR) 0 0 2 2
 Yugoslavia (YUG) 0 0 2 2
50  Czechoslovakia (TCH) 0 0 1 1
 Iceland (ISL) 0 0 1 1
 Kyrgyzstan (KGZ) 0 0 1 1
 Latvia (LAT) 0 0 1 1
 Tajikistan (TJK) 0 0 1 1
 United Arab Emirates (UAE) 0 0 1 1




1964: 4 events (men's)


1972-1976: 6 event (men’s)


1976 - 1980: 6 events (men's)


1980-1984: 8 events (men’s)


1988-1992: 7 events (men's)


1992-2016: 14 events (7 men’s, 7 women’s)


2020: 15 events (7 men’s, 7 women’s, 1 mixed


1960 meeting of the INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE, JUDO was accepted as a demonstration sport for the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games.


For READING                                                   

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PRE-HISTORY of Olympic Judo by T. Plavecz


Judo was created in 1882 by Jigaro Kano, who later became a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Prior to 1964, it had never been on the Olympic Program. Kano made some tentative inquiries about adding judo to the program in 1928, but realized the sport was not practiced in a sufficient number of countries, and that attempt went nowhere. The International Judo Federation (IJF) was formed in 1949, but judo was not yet close to an Olympic sport, although World Championships began in 1956. In 1955, Charles Palmer (GBR), later to be president of IJF, attended the Congress of the European Judo Union and discovered that the European nations had been pressing the IOC to include judo for several years. The request was denied because the IOC did not feel that the event could be fair without weight categories, and the judo authorities had always preferred to hold only one, open class.

In 1958, Tokyo was awarded the 1964 Olympic Games. The Japanese judo authorities sent a formal request to the IOC to include judo in the program of the 1964 Olympic Games. At the 1960 IOC Session in Roma, judo was approved for the 1964 Olympic Program, although only as an “optional sport,” at the discretion of the host nation. This was not understood at the time by the judo community.

The weight class question was decided in favor of weight classes. They had been held at the United States’ championships since the early 1950s and the European Championships made them standard in 1957. The Japanese had opposed weight categories but in 1962, [Anton Geesink] of the Netherlands won the World Championship in the open class in a dominating manner. The Japanese were now concerned that if only an open class were contested, they would be left with no judo titles, which was unthinkable to them. It was elected to use the European standard of a lightweight (<68 kg.), middleweight (<80 kg.) and heavyweight class (>80 kg.). Britain, France and Belgium pushed for the inclusion of an open class, and this became the fourth category.

The final question was professionalism. Many judo competitors spent time teaching the sport as well, which was not allowed by the amateur code in 1964. This was even true of Geesink. In Japan, some judo administrators lobbied to ban Geesink, reasoning that although some Japanese would also be affected, second-line Japanese judo players could likely beat the rest of the amateur world. It was eventually settled that the amateur status of the judo competitors was declared by the various NOCs, and the Netherlands declared that Geesink followed the rules of amateur status. Interestingly, Geesink attempted to compete in the 1960 Olympics in wrestling but the Dutch NOC removed him from the team because he was teaching judo in France.

After the success of the 1964 Olympic judo events, the judo world expected that judo would continue on the Olympic Program, but such was not the case. The sport had been admitted to the 1964 Olympic Program only as an optional sport, and in 1966, when the program for the Mexico City Olympics was announced, judo was not on it. Charles Palmer of Britain had been elected president of the International Judo Federation in 1965, and he began to lobby the IOC to change the ruling eliminating judo. He was told that the IOC had given the Organizing Committee discretion to choose 18 of the 21 Olympic sports, and they did not choose judo. In 1967, Palmer met with the General Assembly of International Sports Federations (GAISF) and the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC), who both supported the inclusion of judo on the 1968 program. He then met with the IOC Executive Board and made a presentation. But Lord Burghley, IOC Vice-President interrupted and told Palmer that his presentation was a “waste of time.” He said that the _Olympic Charter_ stated that the program could not be changed after the invitations had been sent out, and then added, “I sent them out this morning.” And thus, no judo was contested at the 1968 Olympics.

There were some changes since the 1964 Olympics. The program was expanded to six divisions – five weight classes and an open category. The format for each class was changed to a now standard one – two single-elimination pools, with those losing to the winner of each pool participating in repêchage pools, to advance four to semi-finals and finals. The judo rules had been changed as well, with greater penalties against passivity now in place. The athletes were different as well, becoming more muscular and adopting the Western style of strength moves, rather than the Japanese skillful techniques. And the Japanese were no longer considered unbeatable, as in 1964. Finally, the length of the matches was shortened. Preliminary round matches lasted six minutes, semi-finals eight minutes, and the finals 10 minutes.  



Olympic Judo Years


1964 – (men Only)
1968 – (none)
1972 – (men Only)
1976 – (men Only)
1980 – (men Only)
1984 – (men Only)

1988 – (men Only, with women’s as a demonstration only)
1992 – (Men and Women)
1996 – (Men and Women)
2000 – (Men and Women)
2004 – (Men and Women)
2008 – (Men and Women)
2012 – (Men and Women)
2016 – (Men and Women)






Weight divisions


Under 60 kg

60–66 kg

66–73 kg

73–81 kg

81–90 kg

90–100 kg

Over 100 kg


Under 48 kg

48–52 kg

52–57 kg

57–63 kg

63–70 kg

70–78 kg

Over 78 kg


They were introduced for the OLYMPIC GAMES in 1964. Until then World Championships were open to all weights in one category, but starting with the Tokyo Olympics 3 weight categories (-68kg, -80kg, +80kg) were introduced in addition to the open category The categories (classes) were expanded to 6 for the 1972 Olympics, and 8 for the 1980 Olympics. In 1992 the open weight category was dropped from the Olympics so there are currently 7 weight categories for both men and women in the Olympics. In 1998 the weight classes were  changed to the following: female categories are: up to 48kg, 52kg, 57kg 63kg 70kg, 78kg, and above 78kg ; male categories are: up to 60kg, 66kg, 73kg, 81kg, 90kg, 100kg, and above 100kg. Until the 1984 D.G in Los Angeles (inclusive) there was an 8th, all-weight category. The one also 5 team categories: up to 52kg, 57kg, 63kg, 70kg and above 70kg (women) and up to 66kg, 73kg, 81kg, 90kg, and above 90kg (men).



Glass, George, Competitive Judo: Throwing Techniques and weight control, London, United Kingdom, Faber and Faber, 1977, 93p.








OKT. 20-23




The first time the Games had been staged in Asia, the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo represented the rehabilitation of Japan after the second world war. Fittingly, the final torchbearer at the opening ceremony was Yoshinori Sakai, who had been born in Hiroshima on the day the atomic bomb was dropped on the city. More than 5,100 athletes from 93 nations competed, with greater representation from Africa and Asia than ever before, but the USA were still the most successful nation in Tokyo.



A. Geesink won the final



At the first Olympic Judo event in Tokyo there were 74 participants from 27 countries.The 1964 judo events took place in the Nippon Budokan – the Japanese Military Arts Hall. The matches were held on a traditional Japanese tatami, set in the center of the stadium. Preliminary round matches lasted 10 minutes, and the finals were 15 minutes. Most of the competitors had spent at least some time training in Japan. The exception was the Soviet team, which brought athletes who had converted to judo from the traditional Soviet jacket wrestling sport of sambo. In each class, the athletes were separated into various round-robin pools. The winner of each pool qualified for the knock-out round, or effectively quarter-finals. From the pool winners, single-elimination bouts were held until a winner was determined in each class.  Although Japan dominated three of the four weight divisions (light, middle and heavy). 


Olympic Champions:


1964/ by T. Plavecz






68 kg-150 lbs                                            

                                                                               FINAL MATCH


1. Takehide NAKATANI             JPN                          AWAZE-WAZA       1:15

2. Eric Hänni                           SWI

3. Aron Bogolubovs                 SOV/LAT

3. Oleg Stepanov                     SOV/RUS





80 kg-176 lbs                                                       FINAL MATCH


1. Isao OKANO                        JPN                        YOKO-SHIHO-GATAME 1:36            

2. Wolfgang Hofmann              GER

3. James Bregman                  USA

3. Kim Eui-tae                        KOR






HEAVYWEIGHT                                                           FINAL MATCH

+80 kg-176 lbs                                                          KINSA         15:00


1. Isao INOKUMA                JPN                              

2. A. Douglas Rogers           CAN

3. Parnaoz Chikviladze        SOV/GEO

3. Anzor Kiknadze               SOV/GEO





                                                                                  FINAL MATCH

1. Antonius GEESINK          HOL                               KESA GATAME 9:22

2. Akio Kaminaga                JPN

3. Klaus Glahn                       GER

3. Theodore Boronovskis       AUS


Anton GEESINK (1934-2010) won the final of the open weight division, defeating Akio Kaminaga    (1936-1993)  in front of his home crowd. GEESINK’s victory was a shoking blow to the Japanese, even he was two-time world champion and the clear favorite. Kaminaga set an Olympic speed record that would last for 28 years when he threw his opponent of the Philippines in four seconds. Geesink, the Giant from Utrech had become the first non-Japanese to win a world championship. Kaminaga was probably better technically but Geesink was a superb athlete. Geesink won his semifinal fight with  Boronovskis in only 12 seconds.

For Reading:




























No Judo Event




Politics kept judo out of this Games. Judo was accepted as a "full" sport for men in the 1972 Munich Olympics.Charles Palmer (1930-2001) /and the IJF/ worked hard to get judo included in the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. Sir Charles succeeded and judo (for men) was made a permanent part of the Olympic Games.


For Reading:


Charles Palmer












AUG. 31-SEP. 5




The Munich Olympic Games will be forever associated with tragedy. True they surpassed all previous Games in terms of scale - 7134 athletes from a staggering 121 nations took part in 195 events, but  ten days into this festival of sport, on the early hours of September 5, eight Palestinian terrorists belonging from the  Black September group entered the Olympic Village, killed two members of the Israeli team and took nine more hostage. During a failed rescue attempt at the military airport of Fürstenfeldbruck, all nine the Israeli hostages, a German police officer, and all but three of the terrorists were killed. The Munich Massacre was undoubtedly the blackest day in Olympic history.

The Games were suspended and a memorial service was held in the main stadium. But 34 hours later, the International Olympic Committee ordered the competitions to resume as a mark of defiance to the terrorists.







In 1968 there was no Judo event, but in 1972 the event was expanded to 6 men's weight classes as follows: Lightweight (-63 kg/-139 lbs), Half-Middleweight (-70 kg/-154 lbs), Middleweight (-80 kg/-176 lbs), Half-Heavyweight (-93 kg/-205 lbs), Heavyweight (Over 93 kg/205 lbs), and Openweight.

Japan had the two most recent World Champions in this class, but instead chose Toyokazu NOMURA, who had won two silver medals at the Worlds in the half-lightweight division.

His five matches had lasted a total of 10:49. Two-time Japanese world champion Fumio Sasahara , was unexpectedly thrown and defeated by 22-year old Shota CHOCHOSHVILI

of Tbilisi, Georgia.










(63 kg-139 lbs)

                                                                                   FINAL MATCH

1. Takao KAWAGUCHI             JPN                               KAMI-SHIHO-GATAME   0:39

3. Kim Yong-ik                        PRK

3. Jean-Jacquesw Mounier       FRA

5. Wolfram Koppen                 GER

5. Hector Rodriguez Torres      CUB


DICQ (Drugs): Bakhaava Buidaa (MGL)

Buidaa lost silver medal when he became the first person in JUDO history to fail a drug test.






(70 kg-154 lbs)

                                                                                 FINAL MATCH

1. Toyakazu NOMURA            JPN                               SEOI-NAGE 0:27

2. Antoni Zajkowski               POL

3. Dietmar Hötger                 GDR

3.Anatoly Novikov                 SOV/UKR

5.Engelbert Doerbandt          GER

5.Antal Hetényi                     HUN








(80 kg-176 lbs)

                                                                               FINAL MATCH

l. Shinobu SEKINE                 JPN                              YUSEI-GACHI     10:00

2. Oh Seung-lip                     KOR

3. Jean-Paul Coché               FRA

3. Brian JACKS                     GBR

5.Guram Gogalauri               SOV/GEO

5.Lutz Lischka                      AUT




(93 kg-205 lbs)

                                                                                  FINAL MATCH

1. Shota CHOCHOSHVILI         SOV/GEO                  YOUSEI-GACHI   10:00

2. David Starbrook                     GBR

3. Paul Barth                              GER

3. Chiaki Ishii                             BRA

5. Helmut Howiller                     GDR

5. James Wooley                        USA


Shota Chochosivili (1950-2009) was the first Judoka to win gold for former Soviet Union. In 1972 Olympics, nearly everyone believed that Fumio Sasahara would bring gold for Japan in 93 kg division. Two-time world champion  (1969, 1971) Fumio Sasahara of Japan, was unexpectedly thrown and defeated by 22-year old Shota Chochoshvili of George.




(Over 93 kg-205 lbs)  

                                                                                     FINAL MATCH

1. Willem RUSKA                        HOL                             HARAI-GOSHI   1:43

2. Klaus Glahn                           GER

3. Motoki Nishimura                   JNP

3. Givi Onashvili                        SOV/GEO

5. Jean –Claude Brondani           FRA

5. Douglas Nelson                      USA


OPEN                                                                     FINAL MATCH

1. Willem RUSKA                     HOL                        YOKE-SHIHO-GATAME     3:58

2. Vitaly Kusnetzov                  SOV/RUS

3. Jean-Claude Brondani          FRA

3. Angelo Parisi                       GBR

5.Klaus Glahn                          GER

5.Alfred Douglas Rogers           CAN


RUSKA became the only person ever to win two Olympic gold medals in JUDO in the same year.












JUL. 26-31




Canada hosted the games for the first time but financial and political problems cast a shadow over events. Organisers greatly under-estimated the cost of hosting the Games, with  budgets expanding to four times initial estimates. In addition, 24 countries boycotted Montreal, including 22 African nations who opposed New Zealand’s presence at the Games after the All Blacks rugby tour of South Africa during the Apartheid era. Nearly 1000 fewer athletes competed in Montreal than  did in Munich four years earlier.

The Soviet Union finished as the most successful nation at the Montreal Games, winning 49 gold medals, followed by the German Democratic Republic (East Germany)  with nine fewer, and the United States third - the first time an American team had not finished in the top two nations.






At Montreal Dave STARBROOK won a bronze medal for the UK (under 93 Kg), which was his second Olympic win. Allen COAGE also won a bronze medal (over 93 Kg) for United States. Keith Remfrey was only beaten by Haruki Uemura of Japan. In Open Category he won a silver medal. NINOMIYA (half-heavyweight), who won three of his four preliminary fights in one minute or less, had to lose more than 25 pounds to make the weight limit. In 1974,  Angelo Parisi married a French woman and relocated to the other side of the Channel. He was unable to compete at 1976 Games in Montreal as he was still in the process of becoming a French citizen.






(63 kg-139 lbs)                                                    FINAL MATCH


1. Hector RODRIGUEZ TORRES        CUB              UCHI-MATA 10:00                       

2. Chang Eun-kyung                        KOR

3. Felice Mariani                              ITA

3. József Tuncsik                             HUN

5. Erich Pointner                             AUT

5.Marian Standowicz                       POL


HALF-MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                  FINAL MATCH

(70kg-154 lbs)                                                             TAI-OTOSHI   10:00


1. Vladimir NEVZOROV           SOV/RUS                 

2. Koji Kuramoto                    JPN

3. Patrick Vial                         FRA

3. Marian Talaj                        POL

5.Lee Chang-sun                     KOR

5.Vaccinuf Morrison             GBR


MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                        FINAL MATCH

(80 kg -176 lbs)                                                         O-UCHI-GARI           10:00


1. Isamu SONODA                  JPN

2.Valery Dvoynikov                SOV/UKR                

3. Slavko Obadov                   YUG/SER

3. Park Young-chul                 KOR

5.Jose Luis Frutos                   SPA

5.Fred Marhenke                     GER


HALF-HEAVYWEIGHT                                                   FINAL MATCH

(93 kg-205lbs)                                                             KEIKOKU           10:00


1 Kazuhiro NINOMIYA               JPN                             

2. Ramaz Kharshiladze             SOV/GEO

3. David Starbrook                GBR

3. Jürg Rothlisberger                SWI

5. Jeaki Cho                             KOR

5. Dietmar Lorenz                    GDR



(Over 93 kg-205 lbs)                                                 FINAL MATCH

                                                                                OSOTO-GARI         1:19

1. Serhei NOVIKOV              SOV/UKR                   

2. Günther Neureuther          GER

3. Sumio ENDO                     JPN

3. Allen Coage                      USA

5.Gunsem Jalaa                   MGL

5.Keith Remfry                  GBR



                                                                   FINAL MATCH

1. Haruki.UEMURA              JPN                    KUZURE-KAMI-SHIHO-GATAME 7:28

2. Keith Remfry                  GBR

3. Jeaki Cho                       KOR                          

3. Shota Chochosvilli         SOV/GEO

5.JorgePortelli                   ARG

5.Jean-Luc Rouge              FRA
























JUL. 27-AUG. 3

62 countries boycotted the 1980 summer Olympics.








The first time the Olympics were staged in a Communist country  and in the midst of the Cold War, the USA led a 62 nation-strong boycott in protest at the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979. Only 80 nations took part in the 1980 Games.

Unsurprisingly, the Soviet Union dominated the medals. The hosts won 87 gold medals, the East Germany claimed 47, and Bulgaria eight. Excluding the East Germans, Soviet athletes won more gold medals than the combined totals of the other 78 competing teams. Despite the absence of the sporting powers USA, Germany and Japan, there was  superb athletic competition, with British athletes to the fore.





The JUDO competition at the OLYMPIC GAMES was the first time that the medal count was not dominated by Japan as the country joined the boycott of the games because of the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Medals were awarded to male judoka in eight competitions, seven WEIGHT CATEGORIES  (Extra Lightweight (-60 kg), Half Lightweight (-65 Kg), Lightweight (-71Kg), Half-Middleweight (-78 kg), Middleweight (-86 kg), Half-Heavyweight (-95 kg), Heavyweight (Over 95 kg),and the open competition — two more than in 1976. All events were held at the Palace of Sports of the Central Lenin Stadium at Luzhniki (south western part of Moscow). Arthur Mapp won a bronze, and Neil ADAMS won a silver medal for UK. He needed less than four minutes to defeat his first three opponents, but in the final he lost. A 21-year old Italian, Ezio GAMBA won. He was the only Italian judoka to resist the anti-Soviet boycott. He traveled to Moscow on his own. Angelo PARISI (heavy-weight) was born in Italy, and he was a former member of the British team who married a French woman and changed citizenship. There were – because of anti-Soviet boycott – no two great Japanese world champion, Sumio ENDO and Yasuhiro YAMASHITA.





(60 kg –132.25 lbs)

                                                                                  FINAL MATCH

1. Thierry REY                           FRA                              KO-SOTO-GARI       7:00

2. Rafael Rodriguez Carbenell    CUB

3. Aramby Yemizh                     SOV/RUS

3. Tibor Kincses                         HUN

5. John Holliday                        GBR

5. Pavel Petrikov                      CZE




HALF-LIGHTWEIGHT                                                   FINAL MATCH

(66 kg-145.5 lbs)                                                       SHIDO     7:00


1. Nikolai.SOLODUKHIN            SOV/RUS              

2. Tsendying Damdin                MGL

3. Ilian Nedkov                         BUL

3. Janus Pawlowski                   POL

5. Yves Delvingt                       FRA

5. Torsten Reissmann               GDR



(71 kg-156.5 lbs                                                         FINAL MATCH

/1980-1996 71 kg-156.5 lbs/ )                                      YUSEI-GACHI           7:00


1. Ezio GAMBA                    ITA                            

2. Neil ADAMS                    GBR

3. Ravdan Davaadalai          MGL

3. Karl-Heinz Lehmann         GDR

5. Edward Alksnin                POL

5. Christian Dyot                 FRA


Italyan Ezio Gamba was among 160 Italian athletes - but the only judoka - who didn't follow the anti-Soviet boycott of the Moscow Games. Britain's Neil Adams no doubt wished Gamba were less rebellious. In the lightweight final, the 21-year-old Gamba, who travelled to Moscow by himself, defeated Adams on a unanimous decision to give Italy its first gold medal in judo.



(78 kg – 172 lbs

/1980-1996 78 kg-172 lbs/)

                                                                             FINAL MATCH

1. Shota KHABARELI                SOV/GEO                                                         

2. Juan Ferrer La Hera             CUB

3. Harald Heinke                     GDR

3.Bernard Tchoullyan               FRA

5.. Mircea Fratica                    ROM

5. Ignacio Sanz Paz                 SPA








(86 kg -189.5 lbs

/1980-1996 86 kg – 189.5 lbs/ )

                                                                              FINAL MATCH

1. Jürg RÖTHLISBERGER            SWI                        HARAI-GOSHI           7:00        2.Isaac Azcuy Oliva                    CUB

3. Detlef Ultsch                          GDR

3. Aleksandrs Jackevics              SOV/LAT

5.Walter Carmona                     BRA

5. Bertil Ström                          SWE



(100 kf-220.5 lbs)

/1980-1996 95 kg – 209 lbs/)

                                                                                 FINAL MATCH

1. Robert VAN DER VALLE             BEL                                                                

2. Tengiz Khubuluri                      SOV/GEO

3. Dietmar LORENZ                      GDR

3. Henk Numan                            HOL

5. István Szepesi                         HUN

5. R. José TornesBastardo             CUB



(Over 100 kg-209 lbs

/1980-1996 Over 95 kg -209 lbs/)

                                                                                        FINAL MATCH

1. Angelo PARISI             FRA                                      IPPON      6:14                         

2. Dimitar Zapryanov          BUL

3. Vladimir Kocman               CZE

3. Radomir Kovacevic           YUG/SER

5. Kim Myong-gyu                PRK

5. Paul Radburn                   GBR


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8FtBezkIpw A.Parisi/D. Zapryanov

Parisi saved his best for the final against Bulgaria’s Dimitar Zaprianov, who was a full 40kg heavier than him. With less than a minute to go, Parisi executed a superb seoi-otoshi, a complex shoulder throw, to put his opponent onto the mat. In doing so, he became the first Frenchman to win an Olympic judo gold, just a few days ahead of Thierry Rey, who repeated the feat in the -60kg. And on 2 August, Parisi went on to add a silver in the open category competition.



                                                                                  FINAL MATCH

1. Dietmar LORENZ          GDR                                   YUSEI-GACHI            7:00         2. Angelo PARISI              FRA

3. András Ozsvár              HUN

3. Artur Mapp                 GBR

5 Serhei NOVIKOV            SOV/UKR

5. Dambajan Tsend-Auish  MGL













AUG. 4-11



In response a number of Soviet friendly nations boycotted the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Soviet Union, Cuba, East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Afghanistan, North Korea, Vietnam, Angola, Ethiopia, Laos.


The Los Angeles Olympic Games of 1984 brought Hollywood glitz to proceedings, most memorably in a spectacular Opening Ceremony featuring grand pianos, marching bands and a rocket-propelled stuntman flying around the stadium. However, like Moscow four years earlier, the 1984 Games were somewhat marred by a multi-nation boycott. The Soviet Union this time led the protest, winning the support of a number of Eastern European nations including traditionally powerful teams from East Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland.

Although some events were drastically depleted, and a record 140 nations still  participated, bringing more than 6,700 athletes together for a festival of sport. Unsurprisingly, the hosts dominated events, winning a record 83 gold medals. Communist China appeared for the first time, signalling their arrival as an Olympic power with 15 gold medals . The Olympic programme continued to expand, with 21 new events added, 12 of them for women




In Los Angeles Neil ADAMS was strongly tipped to become the UK’s first Olympic judo gold medallist. But his opponent Frank WIENEKE (West Germany) threw him with SEOINAGE and ADAMS won the silver. It was the first time in his entire career that ADAMS had lost a match by IPPON. SEISENBACHER (1960-) a 24-year old judoka was the first Austrian ever to win a major judo championship.





                                                                         FINAL MATCH

EXTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT                                       YOKO-SHIHO-GATAME     1:19

(60 kg-132.25 lbs)


1. Sinji HOSOKAWA         JPN                                      

2. Kim Jae-yup                KOR

3. Neil Eckersley               GBR

3.Edward Liddie                 USA

5. Guy Delvingt                 FRA

5. Felice Mariani               ITA





HALF-LIGHTWEIGHT                                                 FINAL MATCH                                

(66 kg-145.5 lbs                                                       SEOI-NAGE         7:00

/1980-1996 65 kg -143 lbs/)


1. Yoshiyuki MATSUOKA            JPN

2. Hwang Jung-oh                     KOR                      

3. Marc Alexandre                     FRA

3. Josef Reiter                           AUT

5. Stephen Gawthorpe           GBR

5. Sandro Rosati                       ITA


LIGHTWEIGHT                                                   FINAL MATCH

(73 kg- 164 lbs                                                      SEOI-NAGE             7:00

/1980-1996 71 kg – 156.5 lbs/)


1. Ahn BYEONG-KEUN                KOR

2.Ezio Gamba                            ITA                       

3. Luis Onmura                          BRA

3. Kerrith Brown                     GBR

5. Glenn Beauchamp                  CAN

5. Hidetoshi Nakanishi               JPN


HALF-MIDDLEWEIGHT                                              FINAL MATCH

(81 kg – 178.6 lbs                                                   SEOI-NAGE       4:04

/1980-1996 78 kg – 172 lbs/)


1. Frank WIENEKE         FRG                               

2. Neil ADAMS               GBR

3. Michel Nowak             FRA

3. Mircea Fratica            ROM

5. Filip Lescak               YUG/SLO

5. Hiromitsu Takano      JPN


Adams, the heavy favourite, was stunningly defeated four minutes into the bout when Wieneke used a seoi-nage to throw him for an immediate ippon.


MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                           FINAL MATCH

(90 kg -198.5 lbs                                                         ASHI-GURUMA     2:26

/1980-1996 86 kg-189.5 lbs)/


1. Peter SEISENBACHER          AUT                          

2. Robert Berland                   USA

3. Seiki Nose                          JPN

3. Walter Carmona                 BRA

5. Fabien Canu                       FRA

5. Densign White                    GBR








HALF-HEAVYWEIGHT                                               FINAL MATCH

(100 kg -220.5 lbs                                                    YUSEI-GACHI       7:00

/1980-1996 95 kg -209 lbs/)


1. Ha HYOUNG-ZOO            KOR

2 .Douglas Vieira                 BRA                            

3. Bjarni Fridriksson             ICE

3. Günter Neureuther           GER

5. Yuri Fazi                           ITA

5. Joseph Meli                      CAN


HEAVYWEIGHT                                                     FINAL MATCH

(Over 100 kg-220.5 lbs                                               SHIDO       7:00

/1980-1996 Over 95 kg 209 lbs/)


1. Hitoshi SAITO                JPN                              

2. Angelo PARISI               FRA

3. Cho Yong-chul               KOR

3. Mark Berger                  CAN

5. Radomir Kovacevic        YUG/SER

5. Douglas Nelson              USA


OPEN                                                                      FINAL MATCH

                                                                      YOKO-SHIHO-GATAME         1:05

1. Yasuhiro YAMASHITA            JPN                           

2. Mohamed Ali Rashwan          EGY

3. Mihai Cioc                           ROM

3. Artur Schnabel                     GER

5. Laurent del Colombo            FRA

5. Xu Guoqing                         CHN







SEP. 25-OCT. 1





The 1988 games were held in Korea, the "Land of Morning Calm" but  were the setting for one of the biggest scandals in Olympic  history. Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson’s disqualification for a failed drugs test -  the day after he had sensationally defeated fierce rival Carl Lewis in the men’s 100 metres in a stunning world record time of 9.79 seconds – sent shockwaves through the sporting world and overshadowed the many other fairly contested events. Lewis was awarded the gold medal and Johnson left the Games in disgrace, his record wiped from the book. Nine other athletes were disqualified after failing dope tests in Seoul and in the boxing ring, controversy raged at the judges decisions.

Though no-one knew it at the time, these would be the last Olympic games in which the USSR would compete. Soviet athletes won  55 gold medals, and the hosts Korea  twelve. More than 8000 athletes from 160 nations set a new benchmark for participation at the Games, and a record 52 won medals. Tennis returned to the programme after a 64-year absence, and  table-tennis, was included for the first time.






The JUDO competition at the Summer Olympics continued the seven weight classes first used at the 1980 Games. The open division was eliminated from the competition. Women's judo made its first appearance at the Olympic Games, as a demonstration sport. Basically, this meant that the winners could not call themselves Olympic champions. The players chosen were the medallists from the previous year's World Championships plus three of the top players from the continents not represented by any of the first four entrants. Japan failed to claim the top of the medal count for the first time in an Olympics in which they participated, coming in third behind South Korea and Poland.

Peter SEISENBACHER from Austria and Hitoshi SAITO from Japan won the gold medal in their weight classes, defending their titles from 1984, and becoming the first judoka to win gold at two Olympics.






EXTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT                                             FINAL MATCH

(60 kg-132.25 lbs)                                                  SHIDO         5:00


1. Kim JAE-YUP             KOR                              

2. Kevin Asano              USA

3. Shinji Hosakawa         JPN

3. Amiran Totikachvili     SOV/GEO

5. Patrick Roux                 FRA

5. Sheu Tsay-chwan         TAI


HALF-LIGHTWEIGHT                                                  FINAL MATCH

(66 kg-145.5 lbs                                                       YUSEI-GACHI         5:00

/1980-1996 65 kg-143 lbs/)


1. Lee KYUNG-KEUN            KOR                          

2. Janusz Pawlowski             POL

3. Bruno Carabetta               FRA

3. Yosuke Yamamoto           JPN

5. Tamás Bujkó                   HUN

5. Brent Cooper                   NZL





LIGHTWEIGHT                                                       FINAL MATCH

(73 kg-164 lbs                                                            KOUCHI-GARI               5:00

/1980-1996 71 kg- 156.5 lbs/)


1. Marc ALEXANDRE          FRA

2. Sven Loll                       GDR

3. Michael SWAIN              USA

3. Georgy Tenadze            SOV/GEO

5. Bertalan Hajtós              HUN

5. Steffen Stranz                GER


HALF-MIDDLEWEIGHT                                     FINAL MATCH

(81 kg -178.6 lbs                                                       SEOI-NAGE                 4:44

/1980-1996 78 kg-172 lbs/)


1. Waldemar LEGIEN             POL                           

2. Frank WIENEKE                 GER

3. Torsten Brechot                 GDR

3. Bashir Varayev                  SOV/RUS

5. Kevin Doherty                   CAN

5. Pascal Tayot                     FRA







MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                       FINAL MATCH

(90 kg-198.5 lbs                                                       YUSEI-GACHI           5:00

/1980-1996 86 kg-189.5 lbs/)


1. Peter SEISENBACHER           AUT                         

2. Vladimir Shestakov             SOV/RUS

3. Ben Spijkers                       HOL

3. Akinobu Osako                    JPN

5 Fabien Canu                         FRA

5. Densign White                     GBR



HALF HEAVYWEIGHT                                           FINAL MATCH

(100 kg-220.5 lbs                                                CHUI                     5:00

/1980-1996 95 kg -209 lbs/)


1. Aurelio MIGUEL             BRA                               

2. Marc Meiling                  GER

3. Robert VAN DE WALLE   BEL

3. Dennis Stewart           GBR

5. Jacek Beutler                 POL

5. Jiri Sosna                      CZE



HEAVYWEIGHT                                                           FINAL MATCH

(Over 100 kg-220.5 lbs                                               KEIKOKU           5:00

/1980-1996 Over 95 kg-209 lbs/)


1.Hitoshi SAITO         JPN                                     

2. Henry Stöhr             GDR

3. Cho Yong-chul         KOR

3. Grigory Verichev     SOV/RUS

5. István Dubovszky     HUN

5. Dimitar Zaprianov     BUL





JUL. 27-AUG. 2




The Summer Games of 1992 were hosted by Barcelona, the home city of  IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch. The Catalans provided a festival of sport that was spectacular right from the opening ceremony, in which a flaming arrow fired by Spanish archer Antonio Rebollo lit the Olympic flame. Images such as that of China’s pint-sized teenage diving sensation, Fu Mingxia, launching herself from the 10m platform with the city skyline as a backdrop, helped continue the visual feast.

The changing face of European politics also brought fresh impetus to the Games. The Communist Bloc had crumbled and the Berlin Wall had fallen – many of the new independent republics of the former Soviet Union joined forces to compete as the Unified Team, and recently-unified Germany competed as a single entity again. The Unified Team led way  with 45 gold medals, eight more than the United States. But the host nation had a wonderful games with thirteen gold medals. In sixteen previous appearances at the Games prior to 1992, Spain had won just four .










The JUDO competition at the Summer Olympic was contested in fourteen weight classes, seven each for men and women. The seven men's weight classes continued to be those first used in 1980. This was the first Olympic competition to award medals to women judoka; women competed in 1988 as a demonstration sport. Jason MORRIS won silver medal (under 78 Kg) for Unites States. The refereeing left UK without gold medal. Nicola Fairbrother had to be content with a silver medal. Ray Stevens was also very close to the gold medal (under 95 Kg) but he, also had to settle for a silver medal. Josie Horton, Kate HOWEY and Sharon Rendle all won bronze medals and British JUDO won a fifth of the total number of medals won by UK competitors at the Games.






EXTRA-LEIGHTWEIGHT                                       FINAL MATCH

(60 kg-132.25 lbs)                                           SASAE-TSURI-KOMI-ASHI           5:00


1. Nazim GUSEYNOV       AZR                             

2. Yoon Hyun                     KOR

3. Tadanori Koshino           JPN

3. Richard Trautman           GER

5. Philippe Pradayrol          FRA

5. József Wagner               HUN


HALF-LIGHTWEIGHT                                                    FINAL MATCH

(66 kg-145.5 lbs                                                         OSOTO-GARI               5:00

/1980-1996 65 kg-143 lbs/)


1. Rodrigo Sampaio CARDOSO         BRA            

2. József Csák                                 HUN

3. Udo QUELLMALZ                          GER

3. Israel Hernandez Planas                CUB

5. Philip Laats                                    BEL

5. Francisco Lorenzo Aparicio             SPA


LIGHTWEIGHT                                                       FINAL MATCH

(73 kg-164 lbs                                                           YUSEI-GACHI           5:00

/1980-1996 71 kg-156.5 lbs/)


1. Toshihiko KOGA                     JPN                       

2. Bertalan Hajtós                      HUN

3. Chung Se-hoon                      KOR

3. Shay Oren Smadga                 ISR

5. Bruno Carabetta                     FRA

5. Stefan Dott                           GER


HALF-MIDDLEWEIGHT                                           FINAL MATCH

(81 kg -178.6 lbs                                                           UCHI-MATA           3:35

/1980-1996 78 kg 172 lbs/)


1. Hidehiko YOSHIDA            JPN                           

2. Jason Morris                      USA

3. Bertrand Damaisin             FRA

3. Kim Byung-joo                  KOR

5. Lars Adolfsson                  SWE

5. Joan Laats                         BEL







MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                     FINAL MATCH

(90 KG-198.5 lbs                                                          UCHI-MATA           5:00

/1980-1996 86 kg-189.5 lbs/)


1. Waldemar LEGIEN           POL                           

2. Pascal Tayot                     FRA

3. Hirotaka Okada                 JPN

3. Nicolas Gill                     CAN

5. Adrian Croitoru              ROM

5. Axel Lobenstein             GER


HALF-HEAVYWEIGHT                                         FINAL MATCH

(100 kg-220.5 lbs                                                       UCHI-MATA         5:00

/1980-1996 95 kg -209 lbs/)


1. Antal KOVÁCS            HUN                            

2. Raymond Stevens         GBR

3. Dimitri Sergeyew           RUS

3. Theo Meijer                   HOL

5. Pawel Nastula                 POL

5. Indrek Pertelson             EST


HEAVYWEIGHT                                                     FINAL MATCH

(Over 100 kg-220.5 lbs                                            TANI-OTOSHI       1:04

/1980-1996 Over 95 kg-209 lbs/)


1.David KHAKHALEISVILI         GEO                       

2.Naoya OGAWA                     JPN

3. David DOUILLET                  FRA

3. Imre Csősz                         HUN

5. Frank Moreno Garcia           CUB

5. Harry van Barneveld            BEL




EXTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT                                             FINAL MATCH

(48 kg-106 lbs)                                                      KOCHIKI-TAOSHI         4:00


1. Cecile NOWAK                          FRA                   

2. Ryoko TAMURA                        JPN

3. Hülya Senyurt                           TUR

3. Amarilys Savón Carmenate       CUB

5. Karen BRIGGS                         GBR

5. Salima Souakri                         ALG







HALF-LEIGHTWEIGHT                                     FINAL MATCH

(52 kg-114.61 lbs)                                                   TASNI-OTOSHI                 4:00


1. Almudena Munoz MARTINEZ           SPA                                    

2. Noriko Mizoguchi                           JPN

3.Li Zhongyun                                   CHN

3. Sharon Rendle                               GBR

5. Jessica Gal                                     HOL

5. Alessandra Giungi                           ITA


LIGHTWEIGHT                                                       FINAL MATCH

(-56 kg -123 lbs)                                                       KO-SOTO-GAKE                 4:00


1.Miriam Blasco SOTO           SPA                        

2. Nicola Fairbrother             GBR

3. Chiori Tateno                       JPN

3. DriulysGonzález Morales   CUB

5. Kate Donahoo                     USA

5. Nicole Flagothier               BEL


HALF-MIDDLEWEIGHT                                              FINAL MATCH

(-61 kg – 134.5 lbs)                                                 YUSEI-GACHI                         4:00


1. Catherine FLEURY           FRA                          

2. Yael Arad                           ISR

3. Zhang Di                          CHN

3. Yelena Petrova               RUS

5. Frauke Eickoff               GER

5. Koo Hyun-sook             KOR


MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                          FINAL MATCH

(-66 kg 145.5 lbs)                                                      UCHI-MATA               4:00


1. Odalys Reve JIMÉNEZ       CUB                         

2. Emanuela Pierantozzi         ITA

3. Heidi Rakels                       BEL

3. Kate Howey                       GBR

5. Claire Lecat                         FRA

5. Alexandra Schreiber           GER


HALF-HEAVYWEIGHT                                                    FINAL MATCH

(-72 kg – 158.5 lbs)                                                     YUSEI-GACHI                   4:00


1. Kim MI-JUNG             KOR                               

2. Yoko Tanabe                JPN

3. Irene de Kok                 HOL

3. Laetitia Meignan           FRA

5. Josie Horton                 GBR

5. Regina Schüttenhelm   GER


HEAVYWEIGHT                                                           FINAL MATCH

(Over 72 kg- 158.5 lbs)                                             KAMI-SHIHO-GATAME           2:42


1. Zhuang XIAOYAN                     CHN               

2. Estela Rodriguez Villanueva         CUB

3. Natalina Lupino                           FRA

3. Yoko Sakaue                              JPN

5. Beata Maksymow                       POL

5. Claudia Weber                           GER












JUL. 20-26




The Centennial Olympic were hosted by Atlanta,Georgia. However, the organisers struggled to maintain the momentum and spirit created by the Barcelona Games, and some wonderful sporting performances were almost overshadowed by transport difficulties and accusations of over-commercialisation. The Games were further rocked by a terrorist bomb in the Centennial Olympic Park which tragically killed one spectator, Alice Hawthorne, and wounded 110 others.

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali, who had begun his amazing career with a gold medal at the Rome Games of 1960, returned to the Olympic arena to light the flame at the opening ceremony. 197 nations participated - 28 more than the previous benchmark - and the home nation topped the honours table with 44 gold medals.



This page shows the final results of the Judo Competition at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Kye Sun-Hui surprised spectators by winning gold in the women's extra-lightweight event. She had obtained a wildcard entry to the Games.




EXTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT                                               FINAL MATCH

(60 kg -132.25 lbs)                                         MOROTE-SEOI-NAGE               4:33


1. Tadahiro NOMURA         JPN                           

2. Girolamo Giovinazzo        ITA

3. Richard Trautmann           GER

3. Dorjpalan Narmandakh   MGL

5. Natik Bagirov                   BLR

5. Nikolai Oyegin                 RUS


HALF-LIGHTWEIGHT                                                    FINAL MATCH

(66 kg-145.5 lbs                                                      YUSEI-GACHI   5:00                                                                    

/1980-1996 65 kg -143 lbs/ )


1. Udo QUELLMALZ               GER                      

2. Yukimasa Nakamura             JPN

3. Carlos Henrique Guimares     BRA

3. Israel Hernandez Planas         CUB

5. József Csák                             HUN

5. Philip Laats                             BEL


LIGHTWEIGHT                                                          FINAL MATCH

(73 kg-164 lbs                                                         YUSEI-GACHI                         5:00

/1980-1996 71 kg-156.5 lbs/ )


1. Kenzo NAKAMURA     JPN                              

2. Kwak Dae-sung             KOR

3. Christophe Gagliano       FRA

3. James Pedro                   USA

5. Sebastian Rereira           BRA

5. Khaliun Boldbaatar       MGL


HALF-MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                 FINAL MATCH

(81 kg-178.5 lbs                                       YUSEI-GAECHI                         5:00

/1980-1996 78 kg-172 lbs/)


1. Djamel BOURAS           FRA                              

2. Toshihiko KOGA           JPN

3. Cho In-chul                     KOR

3. Soso Liparteliani           GEO

5. Stefan Dott                     GER

5. Dario Garcia                 ARG


MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                           FINAL MATCH

(90 kg-198.5 lbs                                             MOROTE-SEOI-NAGE               4:11

/1980-1996 86 kg-189.5/)


1. Jeon KI-YOUNG       KOR

2. Armen Bagdasarov     UZB

3. Mark Huizinga           HOL

3. Marko Spittka            GER

5. Adrian Croitoru         ROM

5. HidehikoYoshida       JPN



HALF-HEAVYWEIGHT                                             FINAL MATCH

(100 kg – 220.5 lbs                                                       KUZURE-KESA-GATAME   1:33

/1980-1996 95 kg-209 lbs/)


1. Pawel NASTULA           POL                             

2. Kim Min-soo                 KOR

3. Aurelio Miguel               BRA

3. Stephane Traineau         FRA

5. Antal Kovács                 HUN

5. Benaardus Sonnemans   NED


HEAVYWEIGHT                                                          FINAL MATCH

(Over 100 kg 220.5 lbs                                                 UCHI-MATA                             5:00

/1980-1996 Over 95 kg 209 lbs/)


1. David DOULLIET         FRA                              

2. Ernesto Perez Lobo       ESP

3. Frank Moeller                 GER

3. Harry van Barneveld     BEL

5. Liu Shenggang               CHN

5. Naoya Ogawa         JPN






EXTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT                                                  FINAL MATCH

(48 kg -106 lbs)                                                         HARAI-GOSHI-GAESHI             5:00


1. Kye SUN-HUI                           PRK                  

2. Ryoko TAMURA                     JPN

3. Yolanda Soler Grajera             SPA

3. Amarilys Savón Carmenate     CUB

5. Salima Souakri                         ALG

5. Sarah Nichilo                            FRA


HALF-LIGHTWEIGHT                                                    FINAL MATCH

(52 kg -114.61 kg)                                                     USHIRO-GOSHI               5:00


1. Marie-Clarie RESTOUX           FRA                   

2. Hyun Sook-hee                         KOR

3. Noriko Sugawara                     JPN

3. Legna Verdecia Rodriguez       CUB

5. Larysa Krause                           POL

5. Almuena Munoz Martinez       SPA


LIGHTWEIGHT                                                              FINAL MATCH

(57 kg -125.68)                                                           SEOI-NAGE                   5:00


1. Driulys Gonzales MORALES   CUB                    

2. Jung SUN-yong                         KOR

3. Isabel Fernandez Gutiérez           SPA

3. Marisabe Lomba                         BEL

5. Nicola. Fairbrother                   GBR

5. Liu Chuang                                 CHN


HALF-MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                 FINAL MATCH

(63 kg-138.9 lbs)                                                       UCHI-MATA                1:55


1. Yuko EMOTO             JPN                                

2. Gella. Vandecaveye     BEL

3. Jung Sung-sook           KOR

3. Jenny Gal                   HOL

5. Yael Arad                   ISR

5. Ilknur Kobas               TUR


MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                         FINAL MATCH

(70 kg-154.35)                                                         YOKO-SHIHO-GATAME       4:42


1. Cho MIN-SUN                     KOR                      

2. Aneta Szczepanska               POL

3. Wang Xianbo                     CHN

3. Claudia Zwiers                     HOL

5. Alice Dubois                         FRA

5. Odalys Reve Jiménez           CUB

HALF-HEAVYWEIGHT                                                 FINAL MATCH

(78 kg-172 lbs)                                                        UCHI-MATA-SUKASHI         4:58


1. Ulla WERBROUK                             BEL                

2. Yoko Tanabe                                 JPN

3. Diadenys Luna Castellanos           CUB

3. Ylenia Scapin                               ITA

5. Tatyana Belyayeva                       UKR

5. E.stha Essombe                             FRA


HEAVYWEIGHT                                                            FINAL MATCH

(Over 78 kg-172 lbs)                                                   SEOI-NAGE       5:00


1. Sun FUMING                                   CHN          

2. Estela Rodriguez Villanueva             CUB

3. Christine Cicot                                 FRA

3. Johanna Hagn                                   GER

5. Svetlana Gundarenko                      RUS

5. Beata Maksymow                             POL












SEPT. 15-OCT. 1



The Olympic Games returned to Australia for the first time since 1956, and the organisers of Sydney 2000 set a new benchmark for organisational flair and Olympic spirit.The Australian public got behind every sport at the Games, helping transform them into an all-inclusive festival of goodwill and great competition. 10,000 athletes from 199 nations took part in Sydney, and the United States retained their status as the most successful nation with 40 gold medals.



The reigning world champion Kosei INOUE (half-heavyweight) put ont he most dominating perfomance in Olympic history. His five victories lasted a total of only 7 minutes 43 seconds.

Huseyin Özkan, who was born in Chechnya and moved to Turkey in 1993, was the first Turk to win Olympic Championship in JUDO.





EXTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT                                                FINAL MATCH

(60 kg -132.25 lbs)                                                   SUMI-OTOSHI             0:14



1. Tadahiro NOMURA         JPN                             

2. Jung Bu-Kyung               KOR

3. Manolo Poulot Ramos    CUB

3. Aidyn Smagulov             KYG

5.Bazarbek Donbay             KAZ

5. Alisher Mukhtarov         UZB


HALF-LIGHTWEIGHT                                                  FINAL MATCH

(-66 kg 145.5 lbs)                                                     UCHI-MATA-MAKI-KOMI        2:46


1. Huseyin ÖZKAN           TUR                              

2. Larbi Benboudaoud         FRA  

3. Girolamo Giovinazzo       ITA

3. Georgi Vazagashvili       GEO

5. Arash Miresmaeili           IRN

5. Patrick van Kalken         HOL


LIGHTWEIGHT                                                        FINAL MATCH

(-73 kg 164 lbs )                                                   UCHI-MATA-SUKASHI           3:25


1. Giuseppe MADDALONI           ITA                         

2. Tiago Camilo                         BRA

3. Anatoly Laryukov                  BLR

3. Vladims Zeljonnijs                 LAT

5. Jimmy Pedro                         USA

5. Choi Yong-sin                       KOR


HALF-MIDDLEWEIGHT                                              FINAL MATCH

(-81 kg 178.6 lbs)                                                    SEOI-NAGE                   5:00


1. Makoto TAKIMOTO     JPN                            

2. Cho In-chul                     KOR

3. Aleksey Budolin             EST

3. Nuno Delgado                 POR

5. Djamel Bouras               FRA

5. Alvaro Paseyro               URU


MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                   FINAL MATCH 

(-90 kg 198.5 lbs)                                               UCHI-MATA-GAESHI             3:22


1. Mark HUIZINGA                 HOL                       

2. Carlos Honorato                 BRA    

3. Ruslan Mashurenko             UKR

3. Frederic Demontfaucon       FRA

5. Keith Morgan                       CAN

5. Rasul Salimov                     AZR


HALF-HEAVYWEIGHT                                                   FINAL MATCH

(-100 kg 220.5 lbs)                                                     UCHI-MATA               2:09


1. Kosei INOUE               JPN                                

2. Nicolas Gill                 CAN

3. Yury Stepkin               RUS

3. Stephane Traineau       FRA

5. Luigi Guido                 ITA

5. Ariel Ze’evi                 ISR


HEAVYWEIGHT                                                     FINAL MATCH

(+100 kg 220.5 lbs)                                           UCHI-MATA-GAESHI               5:00


1. D. DOUILLET     FRA                                        

2. Shinohara             JPN

3. I. Pertelson           EST

3. T. Tmenov           RUS

5. R. Sharapov         BLR

5. S. Tataroglu         TUR




EXTRA LIGHTWEIGHT                                                  FINAL MATCH

(-48 kg 106 lbs)                                                          UCHI-MATA                 0:36


1. Ryoko TAMURA           JPN                                        

2. Lyubov Brouletova         RUS

3. Anna-Maria Gradante     GER

3. Ann Simons                   BEL

5. Cha Hyon-hyang           PRK

5. Shunxin Zhao               CHN


HALF LIGHTWEIGHT                                                     FINAL MATCH

(-52 kg 114.61 lbs)                                                      SEOI-OTOSHI             2:19


1. Legna Verdecia RODRIGUEZ          CUB                                        

2. Noriko Narazaki (Sugawara)         JPN

3. Yuxiang Liu                                   CHN

3. Kye Sun-hui                                   PRK

5. Iona Maria Dinea                           ROM

5. Deborah Gravenstijn                     HOL


LIGHTWEIGHT                                                             FINAL MATCH

(-57 kg 125.68 lbs)                                                     OUCHI-GARI                   5:00


1. Isabel Fernandez GUTIÉRREZ             SPA                                            

2. DriulysGonzalez Morales                   CUB

3. Kie Kusakabe                                    JPN

3. Maria Pekli                                         AUS

5. Cinzia Cavazzuti                                ITA

5. Jun Shen                                           CHN


HALF MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                      FINAL MATCH

(-63 kg 138.9 lbs)                                                           YUSEI-GACHI         4:00


1. Séverine VANDENHENDE     FRA                                              

2. Li Shufang                              CHN

3. Gella Vandecaveye                 BEL

3. Jung Sung-sook                       KOR

5. Jenny Gal                                 ITA

5. Anja von Rekowski               GER


MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                           FINAL MATCH

(-70 kg 154.35 lbs)                                                     TANI-OTOSHI               4:00


1. Sibelis Veranes MORELL         CUB                                        

2. Kate Howey                         GBR

3. Cho Min-sun                          KOR

3.Ylenia Scapin                           ITA

5. Ursula Martin Onate               SPA

5. Ulla Werbrouck                      BEL


HALF-HEAVYWEIGHT                                                  FINAL MATCH

(-78 kg 172 lbs)                                                         YUSEI-GACHI                 4:00


1. Tang LIN                                   CHN                 

2. Céline Lebrun                             FRA

3. Simona Richter                           ROM

3. Emanuela Pierantozzi                   ITA

5. Diadenys Luna Castellanos        CUB

5. Heidi Rakels                               BEL


HEAVYWEIGHT                                                              FINAL MATCH

(+ 78 kg 172 lbs)                                                         YUSEI-GACHI               4:00


1. Yuan HUA                      CHN

2. Daima Beltran Guisado   CUB

3. Kim Seon-young             KOR

3. Mayumi Yamashita         JPN

5. Christine Cicot                 FRA

5. Sandra Köppen               GER





AUG. 13-29



108 years after the modern Olympic Games had been established in Athens, this global festival of sport returned home in the summer of 2004. Games organisers had been dogged by criticism since ever they won the bid in 1997, with fears over construction deadlines, ever-expanding costs and security casting doubt on the Greeks’ ability to recreate the spectacle of Sydney four years earlier. Yet once the magnificent main stadium was complete and the opening ceremony got underway, all doubts were immediately cast aside as a wonderful 17 days began.

A record 201 nations participated, and there were more athletes, more female competitors and more events than ever before. The United States were once again the most successful nation, but the People’s Republic of China underlined its relentless improvement on the world sporting stage by finishing in second place, only three gold medals behind.



It took place in the Ano Liossia Olympic Hall and featured 368 judoka competing for 14 gold medals with seven different weight categories in both the men's and women's competitions. Each day one weight class in Men's and Women's competition will be completed with preliminary competitions in the mornings and finals in the evenings. Introduced as an Olympic sport in 1964; no country has dominated but the Japanese are always strong. This year will be no exception with six-time world champion Ryoko TANI returning to defend her gold medal in the 48 kg weight class. Jimmy Pedro, whose bronze in 1996 was the last American medal, qualified in 73 kg; he retired in 2000 but returned in 2003.





EXTRA LIGHTWEIGHT                                           FINAL MATCH

(-60Kg -132 lbs)                                                        PENALTY               5:00


1.Tadahiro NOMURA               JPN                                        

2. Nestor Khergiani                  GEO

3 Khashbaatar Tsagaanbaatar     MGL

3. Choi Min-ho                          KOR

5. KenjiUematsu Trevino          ESP

5.Masoud Hadj Akhondzade     IRI







HALF LIGHTWEIGHT                                                 FINAL MATCH

(-66kg-145.5 lbs)                                                             SUMI-OTOSHI                 1:46


1.Masato UCHISHIBA                 JPN                                              

2.Jozef Krnac                                 SLV

3.Georgi Georgiev                         BUL

3.Yordanis Arencibia Verdecia     CUB

5.Oscar Penas Garcia                   SPA

5. David Margoshvili                   GEO


LIGHTWEIGHT                                                        FINAL MATCH

(-73Kg-164 lbs)                                                         KOUCHI-MAKI-KOMI               4:51


1. Lee WON-HEE             KOR                                      

2. Vitaly Makarov             RUS

3. Leandro Guilheiro         BRA

3. Jimmy PEDRO             USA

5. VictorBivol                   MOL

5 DanielFernandes             FRA


HALF MIDDLEWEIGHT                                            FINAL MATCH

(-81Kg-178.5 lbs)                                                           SEOI-OTOSHI             2:06


1 Ilias ILIADIS                     GRE                                            

2.Roman Gontyuk                 UKR

3.Dimitri Nosov                     RUS

3 Flavio Canto                       BRA

5.Mehman Akif Azizov         AZR

5.Robert Krawczyk               POL


MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                       FINAL MATCH

(-90Kg- 198.5 lbs)                                                        O-SOTO-GAESHI             3:03


1..Zurab ZVIADAURI     GEO                                            

2 Hiroshi Izumi                   JPN

3 Khasanbi Taov                 RUS

3.Mark Huzinga                 HOL

5 Hwang Hee-tae               KOR

5.Winston Gordon             GBR


HALF HEAVYWEIGHT                                               FINAL MATCH

(-100Kg-220.5 lbs)                                                         SUKUI-NAGE               5:00


1.Igor MAKAROV           BLR                                                                                      

2 Jang Soung-ho             KOR

3.Michael Jurack             GER

3.Ariel Ze’evi                   ISR

5 Mövlud Miraliyev         AZR

5.Elco van der Geest         HOL




HEAVYWEIGHT                                                      FINAL MATCH

(Over 100 kg-220.5 lbs                                               DE-ASHI-BARAI             1:17

(1980-1996 Over 95 kg-209 lbs)


+100 kg                                                          

1. Keiji SUZUKI                   JPN                                         

2. Tamerlan Tmenov           RUS

3. Dennis van der Geest     HOL

3. Indrek Pertelson              EST

5. Paolo Bianchessi           ITA

5. Sayed Mahmoud Reza      

   Miran Fashandi               IRN




EXTRA LIGHTWEIGHT                                                   FINAL MATCH

(-48Kg- 106 lbs)                                                                   OUCHI-GARI               5:00


1.Ryoko TANI (TAMURA) JPN                                                        

2.Frederique Jossinet           FRA

3.Julia Matijass                   GER

3.Gao Feng                           CHN

5.Maria Karagiannopoulou   GRE

5.Alina Alexandra Dumitru   ROM


HALF LIGHTWEIGHT                                                       FINAL MATCH

(-52Kg-114 lbs)                                                         YOKE-SHIHO-GATAME     1:06


1.Xian DONGMEI                   CHN                                                    

2.Yuki Yokosawa                     JPN

3. Amarilis Savón Carmenate   CUB

3.Ilse Heylen                             BEL

5. Salima Soukari-Dahmani     ALG

5.Annabelle Euranie                 FRA


LIGHTWEIGHT                                                                FINAL MATCH

(-57Kg-125.7 lbs)                                                               UCHI-MATA               5:00


1.Yvonne BÖNISCH               GER                                                

2.Kye sun Hui                           PRK

3.Deborah Gravenstijn               NED

3.Yurisleidy Lupetey                 CUB

5.Barbara Harel                           FRA

5.Isabel Fernandez Gutiérez       SPA


HALF MIDDLEWEIGHT                                          FINAL MATCH

(-63Kg-138.9)                                                            YOKO-SHIHO-GATAME         1:17


1.Ayumi TANIMOTO                       JPN                                          

2.Claudia Heill                                 AUT

3.Urska Zolnir                                  SLO

3.Driulis Gonzales Morales             CUB

5.Marie-Helene Chisholm                 CAN

5.Daniela Krukower                         ARG


MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                     FINAL MATCH

(-70Kg-154.5 lbs)                                               SODE-TSURI-KOMI-GOSHI           3:10


1. Masae UENO                           JPN                                                  

2.Edith Bosch                               HOL

3.Qin Dongya                              CHN

3Anett .Böhm                                 GER

5.Catherine Marie Joelie Arlove   AUS

5.Catherine Jacques                       BEL


HALF HEAVYWEIGHT                                           FINAL MATCH

(-78Kg-172 lbs)                                                  SODE-TSURI-KOMI-GOSHI           4:38


1.Noriko ANNO                 JPN                                                    

2.Liu Xia                           CHN

3.Lucia Morico                   ITA

3.Yurisel Laborde Duanes CUB

5.Anastasia Matrosova       UKR

5. Celine Lebrun                 FRA


HEAVYWEIGHT                                                           FINAL MATCH

(Over 78 kg-172 lbs)                                                         USHIRO-KESA-GATAME       1:50


1.Maki TSUKADA               JPN                                                    

2.Daima Beltran Guisado     CUB

3.Tea Donguzashvili             RUS

3.Sun Fuming                       CHN

5.Insaf Yahyaoui                 TUN

5.Maryna Prokofyeva           UKR







Aug. 8-24




Visit the Team GB Beijing 2008 microsite for a full review of Team GB's outstanding success at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Team GB won 47 medals including 19 gold, 13 silver and 15 bronze to finish fourth in the medal table. Beijing was elected as the host city for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad on 13 July 2001 in Moscow, shaking off competition from Istanbul, Osaka, Paris and Toronto. It was the first time the Olympic Games were held in the People's Republic of China and the fifth occasion on which they were awarded to Asia. The Games began with the amazing Opening Ceremony in the symbolic National Stadium at 8.08pm on 8th August 2008, nicknamed the “Bird’s Nest”, which delighted almost 90,000 spectators, as well as several hundreds of millions of people worldwide watching on TV.



For the Summer Olympics, 386 judo competitors participated at the University of Science and Technology Beijing Gymnasium from August 9 to August 15, 2008.Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games: Judo Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games: Time and Venue Medals were awarded to athletes in 25 nations. Japan led all nations with seven judo medals. Cuba followed with six medals and the Netherlands came in third with five medals.NBC Olympics: Judo - 2008 Medals Standings By Nation. The United States JUDO team was represented at the 2008 Summer Olympics by 10 athletes. Trials were held in Las Vegas on June 13 and June 14 to decide which athletes would qualify for the U.S. team. Seven men and three women in 10 different weight classes competed for the U.S. in Beijing JUDO competitions were held from August 9 to August 15. The U.S. team won a single bronze medal in judo. Ronda Rousey won bronze in the women's middleweight (63-70 kg/139-154 lbs) class. Japan Cuba and the Netherlands topped the judo medal charts, winning seven, six and five medals respectively.NBC








EXTRA LIGHTWEIGHT                                                        FINAL MATCH

(60kg 132.25 lbs)                                                             MOROTE-GARI 2:14


1 .Choi MIN-HO             KOR

2 Ludwig Paischer         AUT

3 Rishod   Sobirov           UZB

3. Ruben Houkes               NED

5. Dimitri Dragin               FRA

5. Gal Yekutiel                   ISR


HALF LIGHTWEIT                                                             FINAL MATCH

(66kg 145.5 lbs)                                                             TATE-SHIHO-GATAME 1:08


1 .Masato UCHISHIBA         JAP

2 .Benjamin Darbelet             FRA

3.Yordanis Arencibia             CUB

3 Chol Min Pak                     PRK

5. Alim Gadanov                   RUS

5. Mirali Sharipov                 UZB


LIGHTWEIGHT                                                                   FINAL MATCH

(73Kg 164 lbs)                                                                       KIBISU-GAESHI 00:13


1 .Elnur MAMMADLI     AZE

2 .Kichun Wang                 KOR

3 .Rasul Boqiev                 TAD

3. Leandro Guilheiro         BRA

5 .Dirk Van Tichelt           BEL

5. Ali Malomat                 IRA


HALF MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                           FINAL MATCH

(81kg 178.6 lbs)                                                                   KOUCHI-GARI 5:00


1. Ole BISCHOF                   GER

2 Jae-Bum Kim                     KOR

3. Tiago Camilo                     BRA

3 .Roman Gontiuk                 UKR

5. Guillaume Elmont             NED

5. Nyamkhuu Damdinsuren   MGL


MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                                 FINAL MATCH

(90kg 198.5 lbs)                                                                                5:00


1 .Irakli TSIREKIDZE             GEO

2. Amar Benikhlef                 ALG

3 .Hesham Mesbach             EGY

3. Sergei Aschwanden           SWI

5. Yves-Matthieu Dafrville      FRA

5. Ivan Pershin                      RUS


HALF HEAVYWEIGHT                                                FINAL MATCH

(100kg 220.5 lbs)                                                   SODE-TSURI-KOMI-GOSHI 5:00


1. Tuvhinbayar NAIDAN               MGL

2. Askhat Zhitkeyev                       KAZ

3. Henk Grol                                  NED

3. Moulud Miraliev                         AZE

5. Levan Zhorzholiani                     GEO

5.Przemyslaw Matyjaszek               POL


HEAVYWEIGHT                                                                 FINAL MATCH

(100kg 220.5 lbs)                                                           KAMI-SHIHO-GATAME 5:00


1. Satoshi ISHII                     JAP

2. Abdullo Tangriev              UZB

3. Oscar Bayson                     CUB

3. Teddy Riner                         FRA

5. Mohamed Reza Rodaki       IRA

5. Lasha Gujejiani                   GEO




EXTRA LIGHTWEIGHT                                                                   FINAL MATCH

(48 kg 106 lbs)                                                                           OSOTO-GARI 1:20


1. Alina Alexanra DUMITRU         ROM

2. Yanet Bermoit                             CUB

3. Paula Belen Pareto                       ARG

3. Ryoko Tany                                 JAP

5. Ok Song Pak                                 PRK

5. Lyudmila Bogdanova                   RUS  


HALF LIGHTWEITH                                                                   FINAL MATCH

(52kg 114.61 lbs)                                                                   KUCHIKI-TAOSHI 5:00


1. Dongmei XIAN        CHN

2. Kum Ae AN               PRK

3.Saraya Haddad           ALG

3. Misato Nakamura       JAP

5. Solpan Kaliyeva         KAZ

5. Kyungok Kim             KOR


LIGHTWEIGHT                                                                       FINAL MATCH

(57kg 125.68 lbs)                                                                 OSOTO-GARI 5:00


1. Giulia QUINTAVALLE               ITA

2. Deborah Gravenstijn               NED

3. Ketleyn Quadros                     BRA

3. Yan Xu                                     CHN

5 .Maria Pekli                                AUS

5. Barbara Harel                           FRA


HALF MIDDLEWIGHT                                                                FINAL MATCH

(63kg 138.9 lbs)                                                                      UCHI-MATA 1:26


1. Ayumi TANIMOTO                  JAP

2. Lucie Decosse                        FRA

3. Elisabeth Willeboordse            NED

3. Ok Im Won                           PRK

5. Driulis Gonzales                     CUB

5. Claudia Heill                           AUT


MIDDLEWEIGHT                                                              FINAL MATCH

(70kg 154.35 lbs)                                                                          0:46


1. Masae UENO                 JAP

2. Anaisis Hernandez         CUB

3. Ronda Rousey                 USA

3. Edith Bosch                     NED

5. Anett Boehm                  GER

5. Leire Iglesias                   SPA


HALF HEAVYWEGHT                                                     FINAL MATCH

-78kg 172 lbs                                                             HANTEI-GACHI


1. Xiuli YANG             CHN

2. Yalennis Castillo       CUB

3. Stephanie Possamai   FRA

3.Gyeong-Mi Jeong       KOR

5.Esther San Miguel       SPA

5.Edinanci Silva             BRA


HEAVYWEIGHT                                                                   FINAL MATCH

+78kg 172 lbs                                                                   IPPON-SEOI-NAGE 4:52



2. Maki Tsukada                       JAP

3. Lucija Polavder                     SLO

3. Idalin Ortiz                           CUB

5. Nayoung Kim                       KOR






London, United Kingdom

Jul. 25- Aug. 12



It took place in London and to a lesser extent across the United Kingdom from 25 July to 12 August 2012. The first event, the group stage in women's football began on 25 July at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, followed by the opening ceremonies on 27 July.[3][4] 10,768 athletes from 204 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) participated.







Men's - 60 Kg
2. Hiroaki HIRAOKA JPN  
3. Felipe KITADAI BRA  
3. Rishod SOBIROV UZB  
Men's 60 - 66kg (half-lightweight)
2. Miklos UNGVARI HUN  
3. Masashi EBINUMA JPN  
3. Jun-Ho CHO KOR  
Men's 66 - 73kg (lightweight)
1. Mansur ISAEV RUS  
2. Riki NAKAYA JPN  
3. Nyam-Ochir SAINJARGAL MGL  
Men's 73 - 81kg (half-middleweight)
1. Jae-Bum KIM KOR  
Men's 81 - 90kg (middleweight)
1. Dae-Nam SONG KOR  
3. Ilias ILIADIS GRE  
3. Masashi NISHIYAMA JPN  
Men's 90 - 100kg (half-heavyweight)
2. Tuvshinbayar NAIDAN MGL  
3. Dimitri PETERS GER  
3. Henk GROL NED  
Men's + 100kg (heavyweight)
1. Teddy RINER FRA  
2. Alexander MIKHAYLIN RUS  
3. Rafael SILVA BRA  
3. Andreas TOLZER GER  
Women's - 48 Kg
1. Sarah MENEZES BRA  
2. Alina DUMITRU ROU  
3. Charline VAN SNICK BEL  
Women's 48 - 52kg (half-lightweight)
1. Kum Ae AN PRK  
2. Yanet BERMOY CUB  
3. Priscilla GNETO FRA  
3. Rosalba FORCINITI ITA  
Women's 52 - 57kg (lightweight)
3. Automne PAVIA FRA  
3. Marti MALLOY USA  
Women's 57 - 63kg (half-middleweight)
1. Urska ZOLNIR SLO  
2. Lili XU CHN  
3. Gevrise EMANE FRA  
3. Yoshie UENO JPN  
Women's 63 - 70kg (middleweight)
1. Lucie DECOSSE FRA  
2. Kerstin THIELE GER  
3. Yuri ALVEAR COL  
3. Edith BOSCH NED  
Women's 70 - 78kg (half-heavyweight)
2. Gemma GIBBONS GBR  
3. Mayra AGUIAR BRA  
3. Audrey TCHEUMEO


 Kayla Harrison made history in 2012 by becoming the first American to ever win Olympic gold in judo. As the No. 1 seed at 78kg (172 lbs), she is expected to make a run at a second straight gold medal.

Women's + 78kg (heavyweight)

1. Idalys ORTIZ CUB  
3. Wen TONG CHN  
3. Karina BRYANT GBR  


2016 Olympic Games

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 

5 August  21 August 2016.

Similar to 2012 format, qualification was based on the world ranking list prepared by International Judo Federation as of May 30, 2016. A total of 252 athletes directly qualified through the ranking with only the top 22 men or top 14 women in each division, ensuring that each NOC was subjected to a limit of one judoka per division.