David Finch


Photo: David Finch with Judo Legend Yasuhiro Yamashita


 – Present (45 years)

Judophotos.com (originally Judo Photos Unlimited in the analogue era) was created by David Finch as a judo editorial stock photo library that has been in existence since 1973 recording European, World and Olympic Judo. Currently Judophotos.com contributes to several international judo publications in Europe and around the world including well over 100 books, NBC, CBS, BBC and The Times etc. Often images are supplied from stock to illustrate editorial articles ranging from judo etiquette and personalities to illustrations of techniques, styles of judo or competition sequences etc. See some of the pictures used as front covers, giant posters and even on coaches at the Portfolio link above and below. At the 2011 Paris World Judo Championships David Finch was awarded the prestigous Association International Press Sportif Media Award for his judo photography. Contributor to Getty Images.

JUDO TESTIMONIAL from Toraki website reviewing World champion and Olympic medallist Michael Swain's book, ASHIWAZA II, where the main instructional photographs were taken at San Jose University, California. "Many fine sequential tournament shots from the archives of premier judo photographer, David Finch, dovetail perfectly with the instructional text. David Finch also shot the instructional shots for this volume and they are also exceptional, really showing his grace and sense of timing as a photographer. The pictures are crisp and sharp, yet still indicate Swain’s incredibly flowing, classically-Japanese style of movement. Finch knows exactly when to hit the shutter or exactly how fast to set up a series of sequential shots, so that the best of Swain’s techniques are captured." Review by Nick Koglin


A preview of what LinkedIn members have to say about David:

  • David Finch is an amazing photographer as anyone knows who sees his enormous body of work. I bought photos of my daughter's junior world championship final match from him. They were terrific.
  • I have worked alongside David Finch on numerous sports events and have always found him highly professional and motivated with a keen eye for the defining image. Our paths crossed as far back as 1974 when covering European Judo Championships at Crystal Palace and have maintained contact ever since. He now has the defining Judo Photos collection anywhere. His passion for the sport remains unabated.